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Trucklink EU becomes Pall-Ex Group shareholder

Trucklink EU is starting a new journey after becoming a shareholder in logistics giant Pall-Ex Group.

The Leicestershire-based haulier has acquired shares in the pan-European operation, having been a member of the quality network since 2014.

The acquisition, believed to be the first of its kind, has provided Pall-Ex members with a unique opportunity to be involved in the network’s future development.

Hilary Devey CBE, who started Pall-Ex in 1996, has decided to step away from the day-to-day running of the business after almost twenty-five years, her continuing wish is to see the company grow and thrive. She will continue to work with the new owners in an ambassador role to help develop their international services and European partner development. 

The transaction was negotiated by Pall-Ex Group CEO, Kevin Buchanan, along with founder members David Fairbrother, Maggie Larimore and Craig Stevens who have known and worked with Hilary for over 20 years.

Nigel Todd, Managing Director comments: “Pall-Ex has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our business and establishing our reputation. Hilary has been key to developing the pallet network logistics model in the UK and making Pall-Ex a renowned name within the industry.

Kevin Buchanan comments: “Pall-Ex is now a unique proposition in the sector with management and UK members all working together as owners to further enhance our operation as the quality network of choice. We would like to thank all our shareholder members, who are driving Pall-Ex forwards on this journey.” 

Pall-Ex has gone from moving just under 100 pallets on its first night to over 30,000 daily across the globe. All shareholders will be actively involved in the business as it looks to further develop Pall-Ex Group not only in the UK but throughout Europe.

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